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Control Unit for Pad mounted Load Break Switch 4W x 4S

Control Unit for Pad mounted Load Break Switch 4W x 4S
Control unit has been designed to work locally and remotely with the SPS-6-4A type pad mounted load break switch. It can communicate with SCADA or DAS via RTU and MODEM.

Product Highlights
    - Control cubicle mounted and fixed on the top of the pad mounted load break switch is
       fabricated from stainless steel of not less than 2 mm thickness.
    - Electrical surge protection and impedance-matching control circuit board is constructed
       and tested to meet the latest applicable standards of IEC 60255 and ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1.
    - Lead acid battery provides DC power to the local control circuit board in case of AC power
      source failure. The battery has sufficient capacity to sustain more than 24 hour operation
      while AC power supply’s failure, with a minimum lifetime of 3 years.
      And the battery is automatically disconnected from the control circuit when the battery
      voltage falls below a preset value in order to prevent deep battery discharging.
    - It is available to select one power source system among following 2 alternatives for the
      control circuit’s power. The internal power source system consists of integrated capacitor       and potential transformer. The external power source system means external potential       transformer supplying 220VAC power to the control circuit.

Power Supply
    - AC power supply from power source inputs 220VAC to the control unit, and DC power
      24VDC &is parallel connected with battery and the other part of the control circuit.
    - Battery charger has trickle charging mode with lower current and protecting function of over
      Battery : lead acid battery 30Ah and 24VDC input toward control circuit.

Local Control Circuit
    - 1 CT signal and 1 voltage signal output from each phase of the pad mounted load break
    - Battery testing to check the battery voltage on load condition & battery charger.
    - Local/Remote control selection switch.
    - Local close/open button.
    - Separate open(green) and close(red) status LED.

RTU for remote control (option)
    The RTU is developed to communicate with center control, to measure the electrical quantity,
    and to get the fault information. It is using the DSP for calculation and micro-processor for
    other tasks. It can measure the V, I, VA, W, VAR and power factor, detect the fault current
    and memory the wave form for further analysis.
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