S&S has been manufacturing distribution switches such as Load Break Switches, Auto Section Switches, High / Medium Voltage Switches and Pad Mounted Switches. Based on the accumulated technology in the field of electric power distribution, S&S is trying to gain customers’ trust through its incessant development in new technology and lasting investment in facilities.


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Air Insulated Load Break Switch

Air Insulated Load Break Switch
1. Stable load switching capacity during manual operation :
- Stable switching close/open characteristic is maintained both during electrical and manual operation at the time of main circuit section's switching close/open by leveraging spring operation mechanism.
- Air compressed at the inside of unique structure’s cylinder breaks stable load current and enables insulation recovery within 0.5 Cycle by dispensing powerful compressed air with Arc Nozzle through the hole for velocity increase situated at the inside ofInsulator with outstanding insulation characteristics.
2. Remote manual operation device that facilitates installation when connecting to switch :
Connector for manual operation of panel door. Easy of installation to enable installation of remote manual operation device at the front and rear of switch to facilitate installation of main generator or panel wall surface without intervention
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