S&S has been manufacturing distribution switches such as Load Break Switches, Auto Section Switches, High / Medium Voltage Switches and Pad Mounted Switches. Based on the accumulated technology in the field of electric power distribution, S&S is trying to gain customers’ trust through its incessant development in new technology and lasting investment in facilities.


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Vacuum Interrupter Disconnecting Switch 25.8kV 600A/2000A

Vacuum Interrupter Disconnecting Switch 25.8kV 600A/2000A
◎ Independent of the operating handle if closing into a fault.
There is no more routine inspections or dielectric testing.

◎ The simultaneous three phase tripping is available through electronics and with three phase operating handles for manual operation and reset.

◎ The solid state electronic controls permit extremely accurate, consistent protection curve characteristics compared to conventional type.
The specific protection curve characteristics are factory set in accordance with customer requirements.

◎ The stainless steel enclosure prevents corrosion in harsh environment. It provides a significant total cost savings when considering the routine maintenance requirements.

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